Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Die Razzamatazz die

Pacific Brand’s hosiery label Razzamatazz has been running an ‘it girl’ competition for the last six weeks. The concept is simple – girls take photo’s of themselves in the Razzamatazz stockings, upload the photo’s on the internet, and beg their friends to vote for their pins. All in hopes of becoming the next Razzamatazz girl and being launched head first into a modelling career.
Now I don’t know if you know much about Razzamatazz, but it isn’t the most fashionable brand you could buy, actually to purchase Razzamatazz stockings you need to go to Coles or Woolies. This was the brand my mother wore in the 80’s and until now I thought that was where the Razzamatazz brand stayed.

Since the competition, the Razzamatazz cool factor has sky rocketed, now its not my mother I see in these stockings, it’s the young and trendy gen y’ers. And not only are they wearing the brand, but they are advocating the brand! They are creating amateur photo shoots, plastering face book’s walls, creating face book fan pages for themselves, so not only does Razzamatazz get free models, they get free photographers and effortless publicity through free social media!
However this rebranding came at a price. The girls win the competition by votes, this means if one of the 10 000 model hopefuls entered in the competition have any link to your Face Book, Myspace or email accounts – you are about to get Razzamatazz spam FOR WEEKS! I had two acquaintances in the competition, and I received emails ever hour on the hour pleading me to vote. However I must say, Razzamatazz is the only stocking brand in my top of mind recall, mainly because of the migraines it caused.

But what’s a company to do? It’s a toss up between saving an outdated brand, and saving your consumer’s insanity – I have thankfully stopped getting emails, the gods of Razzamatazz must have heard my cries.