Sunday, August 29, 2010

Teacups and hobos

In my last semester of university I decided to use an elective to learn photography, except I am yet to make the 8am Tuesday morning lecture for obvious sleeping reasons so I am very behind with the photography concepts. I spent today teaching myself and it's all finally making sense! These are a few photos I took for my first assignment. The teacups are still life and Matt dressed up as an 1900's hobo is suppose to represent pictorialism.


Hello hello!
It has been way too long since my last entry, a day at the office writing blog material for other people has instilled some motivation into my own successes, so here goes...

For those of you who went, or for those who didn't (and have had to listen in excruciating  pain while others recount their weekend), I am sorry but there really isn't anything as wonderful as Splendour in the Grass! This year it was bigger than ever, with pretty much a five day event. 

My friends and I packed our two minuet noodles, baby wipes (which were used as shower substitutes!) and hid enough vodka to kill an army of Russians. Travelling with 9 girls is never an easy task, our departure time was suppose to be 9am, but after one forgotten ticket, a scheme to hide vodka in empty tomato sauce bottles and a huge turn in the wrong direction - like to the Gold Coast, we some how managed to make it to Splendour.

I get lazy with taking photos and mine never turn out very good so these are photos I stole from my friends or found on the internet,

The Fashion -

 Goldfrapp VS Blue Juice in battle of the Yeti's
I SAW BAMBI!!!!! But by the time I worked up the courage to ask her for a photo she was gone... This is the outfit I saw her in on the final day, and the snap is from Gary Pepper Vintage. Bambi is stunning, I spotted her twice in a crowd without even trying, her style is so effortlessly cool, I have no idea how she managed to look this good on the last day of splendour! I bet she didn't have to have baby wipe showers! 

Goldfrapp wore the most amazing jacket I have ever seen! I am pretty sure it was made out of VCR tape, I wonder if it's DIYable... it would probably end up like most of my DIY projects, unfinished.

The Music -
The Drums - this lead singer is Mick Jager reborn
My friend had VIP access and took this photo of Ben Harper holding his set list.

I usually am not a huge fan of Ben Harper, but he was incredible!
Kate Nash - One word, PSYCHO! Who would have thought the girl who sings such up beat and happy songs would be the biggest nutcase I have ever came in contact with. She yelled at the lighting crew because the stage lights were too bright, then she would not sing until the stage was in complete darkness - so the crowd couldn't see a thing! Her piano had written on it for some obscure reason 'a cunt is a very useful thing'. Then she went on a huge rant about hating the world and being a hermaphrodite. CRAZY!
I was so excited to see the Strokes!!!! They were fantastic I have never danced so much before in my life!

Outfits -

Some how Sierra and I both wore the same outfit and ended up looking like Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee all day!

My lovely friends! Goodbye Splendour I miss you so much already. xo

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