Saturday, June 26, 2010


My brother bought his girlfriend an iphone for her birthday, but she didn't know how to use it - which is great because now the little baby is all mine! Like any iphone virgin I started buying apps like crazy! My favorite so far is the Hipsmatic Photo booth, which is just like having a lomo only without the $300 price tag and the pretentious indie rep to defend. You can change the lens, the flash and film. This app is defineitly worth the $4 itunes fee. These are a few of my little pics

my pretty little room

my pretty little boyfriend
The lovely miss jeshie wong! Come home to me Jesse!Nunu bears the most adorable girl in the world
Jiva! I am yet to find anybody who is as full of life and colour as jarvis

my lover kobi who is perfect in every possible way

Come to Mumma

On Wednesdays I spend my day interning at the pretty little fashion PR agency Jesselle. I have been interning for a little over 2 months and LOVE this job! I'm surrounded by amazing shoes, clothes, and every morning I am greeted with mouth watering pastries! Things really don't get much better! The only downfall of the job, is the burning desire I get to buy more clothes! I can not wait until these Miss Unkon dresses join my wardrobe.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Holiday Hat Love

The best part of uni holidays is the abundance of spare time you have available. All of a sudden the things you wanted to do so much during the semester can finally be acomplished, so long as you are motivated enough to get out of bed.

Last week my bestie Sorcha and I spent the day shopping and took a quick visit to the QLD Art Gallery exhibition, Hats: An Antholody by Stephen Jones. This exhibition was nothing short of AMAZING! He is a genius!

The exhibition is built around a mock up of his millinery work shop, and featured hats made by him and hats that had inspired him. His pieces varied from beautifully crafted hats worn by the queen to extravegant hats constructed with only Barbie doll limbs. I was in awe being only a thin layer of glass away from hats he designed for Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dior, the list is endless! Even more impressive is the list of celebrities that had worn the hats: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jonny Depp, Maddona, the 'My Fair Lady' hat worn by Audrey Hepburn was there and berets worn by Marlene Dietrich! I had died and gone to hat heaven.

You walk into the dark room and just want to photograph everything! I took a few photos on my phone before I was embarressingly told there were no photographs. These were a few of the hats I saw:
I think it's on for another few more days, you must go!