Monday, April 5, 2010

Robot love

Today I came across the best little gem in the world! I was looking for advertising campaigns to blog on for my internship and came across this Spike Jonze/Absoult Vodka collaboration.
'I'm here' is the new short film written and directed by Spike Jonze. This movie is amazing - 100 times better than Where the wild things are. I never really get into short films, it's a huge task to establish an interesting plot in the space of 30 minuets but this film actually brought a tear to my eye... however I am a bit of a movie sook!

The film follows the lives of two robots in love living in L.A. The robots try to break free from the mundane life of rebooting and electrical malfunctions, to have the life we all want - dancing to loud bands, driving fast cars and falling in love. It sounds kind of stupid but the whole concept and execution is so creative you forget it's about robots within the first 20 seconds. I can see alot of people wearing computer towers to parties in the near future.

Only 12 000 people a day can view it but I found it pretty easy to access. The soundtrack to this movie is by L.A singer Aska Matsumiya, She has an amazing voice and her single 'There are many of us' is definitely on the road to success, I have her on repeat. Overall a pretty great day in the life of lauren :)

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