Thursday, July 22, 2010

Model Profile: Lea T

For their latest campaign Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci cast his long-term friend and assistant Leo, only Leo does not look like a Leo... Leo is a transgender model who is now going by the name Lea T. 

To follow on from the Givenchy campaign and to give us all an education on what transgenders look like Lea T has posed nude in this month’s edition of French Vogue. At first glance I thought this photo was of a beautiful Brazilian model, it was only when my eyes dropped to Lea T's nether region I discovered the 'pee pee'.

I think this is a really positive movement that our sheltered world needs. It was only a few months ago the Olympic track runner Caster Semenya was publically humiliated through the Olympic committee threatening to take her medals off her if she did not agree to a gender test. 

I think what Lea T has done is extremely courageous and brave. The one thing I like about Lea T is that whether or not she is a boy or a girl, she is beautiful, controversies and very, very different - and to me that is exactly what fashion should be. Lea T shows that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes and differences are something that should be celebrated not humiliated.

I was hoping to see more of this unconventional beauty but rumor has it she is quitting the runways to become a vet – brains, beauty, boobs and balls, some people just get all the luck!

I would love to know your thoughts... comment away! 

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  1. thank you for sharing this - SO great to see that our world is starting to recognize beyond the binary world...even in something like advertising for a major company! hooray for Givenchy for having the idea and the's hoping they get ONLY positive response to their campaign!