Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tim Burton

I spent the last week in the winter wonderland that is Melbourne. We went down for my cousin's 21st, but as if we needed a reason to escape Brisbane. My 6 friends also came down, our friendship group reminds me somewhat of an over loving Italian family, it wouldn't surprise me if I woke up in ten years time and they were all living in my street! Lucky I like them.

We went to the Tim Burton exhibition 'up late'. Going to the up late session meant there were bands playing and aliens dancing. Never one to shy from a crowd my Aunty Shirley began dirty dancing with the aliens, one of the alien's even gave her flowers!

The exhibition was amazing! I had no idea how talented Tim Burton was! Before he became a film director he was an animator for Disney, he must have kept every single drawing he ever did because there was over 700 sketches, poems, drawing boards and models, what a hoarder. I guess if I was that amazing though, I would probably keep my own toilet paper. Burton's drawings were so raw, it was incredible to see the first drafted stages of his characters that had since became so famous.

The costumes were my favorite part, three of Johnny Depp's costumes were on display - it was like he was almost there, almost! His Edward Scissor hands costume was mostly made out of black electrical tape and broken tyre rubber - talk about a Hollywood budget!

For the first time the Alice in Wonderland costumes were shown to the public, but in the flesh they look pretty boring, which isn't surprising considering how many special effects destroyed that movie. My pick was Michelle Pfeiffer's Cat Women outift, although it made me not want to eat for a month - gosh she was skinny!

There were no camera's in the gallery, which was a god send. People blocking my view whilst taking photos is my biggest pet hate! I found a few photos on the internet though of my favorites, if you're in Melbourne definitely go to this exhibition, but avoid weekends, the lines are huge.

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