Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nike & Art?

The brainpower at Nike has decided their sports fanatic target market is just too niche, so their new campaign is targeted to the artistically advantaged. To celebrate the 'Nike 78' shoe, Nike has given 78 artists complete freedom to redefine what sports shoes are.

When I first saw this campaign, I thought it was a bad move on Nike's part, artists are not athletic! They float through life surrounded in a haze of smoke, drinking double espressos, and complaining about bureaucracy. This image is very far from 'Just Do It' slogan Nike has built it's empire upon, but some how this campaign works. The artists created some amazing pieces that will be shown in exhibitions around the world.

I think this campaign really brings Nike down to earth, for so long they have been on a pedestal always choosing the best of the best to represent the brand. This campaign diversifies the Nike brand and brings the label into a new cultural realm.

You can see the rest of it at

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